If you are looking for an incredible company to work with or you are just curious about how we do what we do, read on!
What do a former diplomat, a scientist, an art appraiser and a doula have in common?
They all work at District Homes. 
Why? Because we are a different kind of real estate company. Our team is a special blend of knowledgeable, kind, dedicated people. Among them are also some of the most respected and experienced agents in the business.

A Unique Sum of Our Multifaceted Parts 

Because we guide our clients through the buying and selling processes from beginning to end — and then some — we wear many hats: We are facilitators, designers, counselors, negotiators, contractors, strategists, marketers ... The list goes on. Our multidisciplinary backgrounds come into play in sometimes-obvious and often-unexpected ways, all of which we employ for the benefit of our clients — and our agents.

Sharing the Success

Just as no two houses are alike, our onboarding and  training program is tailored to your specific needs. We will take the time to get to know your strengths and your challenges, and from there, we’ll help you make the most of both.
If you are looking for a corporate and formulaic approach to real estate career training, we are not it. 
We are tech-driven and human-driven; we are up to date with all the latest tools you need, but we also know there are few things more important than collaborating with real people in a real office.
At District Homes, you will be surrounded by an incredible group of people who love to do what we do. We have a stellar reputation among our peers, and there is a reason for that. If you join us, you will reap the benefits of that reputation, and we will teach you all we know. No competition, no hiding our “secret sauce.” We are sharers, and we will share with you what makes us successful, so you, too, will be successful.

Tools, Access, All In

If you are a new agent, you will find all the tools you will need to succeed. True, we are a 75% referral-based business, which shows that our reputation precedes us, but we also provide access to all the lead-gen tools you may need. Follow-Up Boss, Activepipe, Moxi… you name it, we have it.
If you are an experienced agent, you know us by now. And we probably know you, too. If you are curious about the special blend of agents we brew here, let’s have coffee, and we’ll tell you more.
At District Homes, we are all in, always. For our clients, for our community, and for our agents.