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Actual Us
These days, it seems everything we used to do in person has gone virtual: work, communications, shopping. 
Of course, there’s something that will never, ever be virtual: your house. 
We often say, “We work where we live.” That means more than proximity. It means we physically exist in our community. Our kids go to school here, we shop at Berkeley Bowl, we see our neighbors IRL at the post office. Now that so much is online, these brick-and-mortar gathering places have taken on more importance than eve
Just before the pandemic, we opened a brand-new office — an honest-to-goodness, people-come-to-work office. While it sat empty for a little while for safety reasons, we think it, too, is more important than ever. It’s a place where we can welcome visitors, where we can get to know our colleagues and our clients, where we can participate in and shape our community.
Don’t get us wrong: Our back-office systems and marketing tools are cutting edge and optimized for the online world. We thrive in this virtual world — but to be completely honest, we much prefer the actual world. The world in which the house you are buying or selling exists.
District believes in the power of the actual house, of the actual community, of actual supermarkets, of actual service and actual personal interactions. We are — or will be — your neighbors. We want to know you, to see you, maybe even shake your hand or give you a hug.
We are actual in a virtual world. Come join us.
All in. Always.

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