Are you about to start a job teaching in Berkeley? 

Are you about to start a job teaching in Berkeley? 

When I first moved to Berkeley, I had so many questions! 

How are the schools? What kind of neighborhood or nearby towns will I like — and be able to afford? Where do you get the best produce? 

I moved to Berkeley when my husband got a faculty position at UC Berkeley. We didn’t know anyone then, and our real estate agent was truly the first person I met here. 

Now that I have been here for 18 years, started a thriving real estate business and been an agent myself for 16, I’m here to help! 

I have guided several faculty members in their search for homes and communities, and I’d love to do that for you.

We can help you answer so many of those questions! At District Homes, we all work where we live. We know the markets, the streets, the schools, even the doctors — and of course, we know houses!

We can offer many services to you as you consider a move to UC Berkeley (or any other of our awesome local colleges or schools):

  • We can give you a tour of the neighborhoods, even before you accept your faculty offer.
  • We can share with you our experiences with the local schools (our children have gone to local schools, both public and private).
  • We can tell you what some of our favorite grocery stores are … or share with you where to get products from your country of origin (if you are coming from abroad!). 

Because we have worked with faculty members before, we are very familiar with the MOP (Mortgage Origination Program) loans offered by the university to faculty to purchase a first home.

And I know all this because, as a faculty spouse, I went through all of it myself 18 years ago. Things have not changed much — the process, the questions, the excitement, it’s all there.

I love where I live, and I cannot wait to share that with you!

This is a picture of me the day we closed on our first home in Berkeley back in 2004. Can you tell how happy I was?

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