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Taking Control in a Cooler Market

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Taking Control in a Cooler Market
Here in the Bay Area, we’ve grown so accustomed to a crazy, red-hot housing market that it is hard to remember what it’s like to have a market that isn’t roaringly insane.

Make no mistake: The East Bay market is still incredibly strong. Now there’s just a little more space to breathe and keep doing what we’ve been doing all along: buying and selling wonderful homes in a wonderful community. No matter the market, District Homes’ roots, experience and processes continue to be differentiators for our clients.

It’s a perfect time for buyers to make more offers, maybe on a home that was just out of reach a few months ago. Employing creative strategies on crafting offers that are more likely to be accepted is among our strongest skillsets. We are working closely with listing agents and relying on our stellar community relationships to add a layer of benefit for all our clients. Additionally, we are looking to buyers to really think about their motivations, then creating winning roadmaps to get them into the properties of their dreams. This market is prime for dream-making! And we are here to make dreams come true in any and every market.

For sellers, too, this is no time to lament. Houses are selling — and at high prices. How do you ensure yours is one of them? Partner with an agent who has years of experience and a proven track record, regardless of outside forces. Reasonable expectations, proper pricing and personal networks are all at the top of the list of what it will take to sell your home for a handsome price. Managing the process correctly and constantly, combined with deep expertise and some out-of-the-box thinking, all come into play when pricing, staging and showing your home to its best advantage — to your best advantage.

We live in an uncertain world with many factors out of our control. When it comes to buying or selling your home, choosing the right agent with the right experience and the right commitment is something you can — and should — control. Please let us know if you’d like to have a conversation about your needs. We are all in. Always.

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