Your neighbors, District Homes

Your neighbors, District Homes

This past weekend we held a booth at the inaugural Gilman Street fair, where we chatted, laughed, held a raffle, and spent time with our neighbors on Gilman just a few blocks from our brick and mortar office on Solano Avenue. As much as we love the business aspect of real estate – the negotiating, the strategic puzzles, the thrill of an accepted offer – it’s the human connections, the relationships that we experience when we’re in our community, that gives this work meaning.

Standing in the sun on the first warm Sunday of the year with our friends and colleagues, we felt that deep fulfillment that has kept us so engaged in real estate all these years. It’s people coming together to build something new; be it a neighborhood gathering, a lively emerging business district, a community, a family, a house. What a privilege to play a role in that process of coming home!

Because we love to support other local small businesses here in Berkeley, we raffled off a giftcard to our neighbor, fellow women-owned storefront Fillgood. An innovative shop that aims to make low-waste living easy, they offer plastic-free household goods and products, as well as refills (in whatever receptacle you bring in!) on many of their products, diverting waste from the ocean and reducing single-use plastics. Both Fillgood and our team here at District share the very same values of investing where we live, and treating our home (a house, and this planet) with care and respect. 

Next time you stop by Fillgood, be sure to pop into our office directly next door. We’re always here to say hi, share a coffee, and chat with this community we love so much.

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